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If you want a bully that extra ordinary and have an exotic look then we check the American Bully Extreme. This Breed is very Beautiful and one. TOP 10 EXOTIC BULLIES / EXTREME AMERICAN BULLIES BY GRIDLOCK BULLIES http://www. Are you Looking for American bully adopt? If yes Read first the Lifespan: Extreme Bullies have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Things You Need. american bully extreme

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American Bully är en glad, utåtriktad, stabil och självsäker hund. It is not a good move to spend a considerable amount of money for a puppy that clearly is not worth the massive price tag. Just bear in mind that some kennels may not have a particular class of Bully. Health problems vary within the breed, and span the entire spectrum; with some varieties namely the Exotic being plagued by problems, and others being well documented for health and quality. All dogs are classified and shown as Standard until they reach a year of age, at which point they are separated into the varieties and shown against their own type. This physical trait is acceptable for other Extreme Bully varieties.